Inspection cost

The price to be charged will be notified to you by the inspector or the firm you order the inspection from and will be agreed between you both prior to the ordered inspection being carried out. However, the NSW Department of Fair Trade's website makes the following statement:

"The price charged (for an inspection) will vary depending on the type of property, the report format (particularly the amount of detail), the period of time spent on the inspection of the property and the period of notice given to the consultant. Indications from industry sources are that the minimum price of a simple, basic report on a standard residential dwelling would be around $500. Detailed reports would normally cost more."

In some States, Building Inspectors may have to be licensed, in others, there is neither Licensing nor any requirement for qualifications or insurance. Where insurance is required by State law, some Authorities allow the inspectors to opt out of having insurance.

In most States and Territories Timber Pest Inspectors are not required to be licensed, qualified or insured. However, all Building and Timber Pest Inspectors listed on this site, hold professional qualifications and have a minimum of $500,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.  

As a result of the State and Territory Governments failure to actively protect the house purchaser, about half the people offering to carry out pre-purchase pest and building inspections are not covered by insurance. They may be cheaper but they are unlikely to be professionals with proper qualifications. Using these people may leave you very exposed to thousands of dollars in rectification costs if their inspection later proves not to be up to the standard required.

As stated earlier only insured qualified, professional inspectors are registered on this website, thus protecting you.